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Unique, vibrant, yummy silk garments and accessories!

Exquisite Silks

SilkSational silks are created from 100% Chinese Habotai silk!


Each silk is handcrafted, dyed and steamed with love.

Sensual Silk

Your body will thank you as each sensual inch of silk caresses you!


Each silk is handcrafted, dyed, steamed from 100% Chinese Habotai silk! As it glides across your skin, your body will adore you.


Chinese Habotai Silk

What others say about us

Sandy Silverman

“Kimberly’s magnificent veils are like dancing with a rainbow!  Kimberly’s use of colors and dyeing techniques are truly artistic, which is one of the many reasons I can’t seem to stop adding more and more to my veil collection!”

Sandy SilvermanFounder Samira Belly Dance
Betty Garrison

“Kimberly’s silks are so special, they make me feel like I’m wrapped in a magical caress….and the beautiful colors will take your dance to a whole new dimension…. I’m addicted.”

Betty GarrisonBelly Dancer
Christy Freeborn

“That woman is super talented!  I love her silks.”

Christy FreebornEnergy Medicine
Angela Lovering

“Not only quality pieces, but they all are a magical display of colors.”

Angela LoveringBelly Dancer
Peggy Giddens

“I was so excited to receive my beautiful double veils!  Light, airy and oh so colorful plus they handle quite well!!  Thank you, Kimberly for all your assistance!  I love them!”

Peggy GiddensBelly Dancer
Ciara Smith

“It’s nice to just send someone a photo of something that you really  enjoyed and for them to capture the essence of it and transform it into an amazing veil and bringing the photo to life really means a lot.  Not only do they look great but they work great, too.  Thank you so much for helping me shine while I dance.”

Ciara SmithBelly Dancer

Coveted by Dreamers

Dreamers covet SilkSational silks.

Loved by Divas

Divas of all kinds love Silksational silks.

Adored by Dancers

Dancers adore SilkSational silks.